Consecutive Interpretation

This consecutive interpretation training package will show you step-by-step how to learn and master note-taking using Rozan and Gillies’ techniques.

Who is this package for?

Beginners who want to start their interpreter training on the right foot. These students will have 20 lessons in total to practice the three most commonly used modes: consecutive, simultaneous, and sight interpretation.

Intermediate and advanced interpreters who want to take their consecutive interpretation skills to the next level. This program has proven useful to highly experienced and qualified interpreters, because it presents techniques and symbols that are rarely taught in any classroom and can greatly increase accuracy. These more seasoned students will have 11 lessons in total to master consecutive interpretation.

Instructors who teach language interpretation to beginners, or consecutive interpretation to all levels.

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Need references? We understand. Below are some organizations where the techniques of this course have been presented:


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