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There is a widely unknown but simple alternative to take notes more clearly and efficiently. Jean François Rozan and Andrew Gillies, two pioneer conference interpreters, provide techniques to significantly streamline note-taking. Although originally created for interpreters, these practical guidelines are extremely helpful for anyone who takes notes. 

Our Note-Taking Manual will teach you a simple system to take notes more economically. You will master note-taking techniques and acquire up to 40 new symbols through dictations, which are available as free audio files by clicking here.

Need references? We understand. Below are some organizations where the techniques of this textbook have been presented: 

You may also be interested in our online program, Note-Taking Symbols and Techniques, which includes over 15 hours of training that will take you by the hand through educational videos, games, audios practices, exercises and sample notes to help you master consecutive interpretation. 

For our international students where shipping costs are prohibitive, you may access the Kindle Version of the Note-Taking Manual on Amazon by clicking here. 

Below is a short video featuring the author of the Note-Taking Manual, Virginia Valencia, implementing some of the techniques you will learn.