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Consecutive Interpretation for Court Interpreters

Consecutive Interpretation for Court Interpreters

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Credits: 6 Instructor-Led CIMCE Credits

Language: English

Location: Students can complete the course online, anywhere they wish.

Date and Time: September 26th from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm 

ObjectiveAcquire note-taking and listening techniques to improve consecutive interpretation.

Description: This 6-hour instructor-led course includes 4 online webinars. Each webinar contains a video and a quiz. The videos present a workshop that was filmed while taught in New York to a group of professional interpreters.

The class focuses on symbols and tips for efficient note-taking to master consecutive interpretation. Once students finish each webinar (and its corresponding quiz), they participate in live question-answer sessions with the instructor.

This Q&A session will be carried out through a live conference call. Additionally, the instructor will be available for questions and technical support at any time during course hours.