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Consecutive Interpretation Bootcamp

Consecutive Interpretation Bootcamp

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Court Interpreter Training

Many interpreters fall short of passing the oral exam because they lack anote-taking system to effectively prompt their memories. Some try to learn short-hand, a complex system which requires several months (even years) of practice to master.

However, this can become incredibly discouraging, deter your listening, and lead to a general sense of feeling overwhelmed. But not for you!

There is a widely unknown but simple alternative to take notes more clearly and efficiently. Jean François Rozan and Andrew Gillies, two pioneer conference interpreters, provide techniques to significantly streamline note-taking.

The 8-hour live online course will teach you how to master those techniques so you spend less time note-taking and more time listening, a key element to drastically improve your chances of passing the interpreter oral exam.


I practiced and learned Virginia’s note-taking system as I was getting ready to take the FCICE. I spent about 4 months on it on a daily basis and I can honestly say it made a huge difference, not only for the FCICE itself but throughout time as I was able to economize time, focus on some concepts/notes, etc for consecutive interpretation. Highly recommend it to all.

Gonzalo, New Jersey

I am a nationally-certified medical interpreter and teach interpretation in a university program. I wish I had investigated these Interpretrain materials much sooner, because this is an excellent method for teaching note-taking for consecutive interpretation. 

Vickey P.

Below are some organizations where the techniques of this course have been presented: 

Your Instructor

Virginia Valencia is a professional psychologist (2001) and a federally certified court interpreter (2008) with over 15 years’ professional experience in the fields of legal, medical, and conference interpretation. She holds a Combined Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Hunter College, 2004) and is certified/approved by Superior Courts of NJ (2005), NY (2006), and CA (2012).

In 2007, Virginia founded her educational company, Interpretrain (, which offers game-driven workshops and user-friendly multi-media study tools for interpreters to further improve their professional skills.


Court Interpreter Course

This live and interactive program will include:

A PDF version of Interpretrain's Note-Taking Manual

4 online sessions, each one lasting 2 hours

Recordings of all 4 sessions

40-Audio Training Exercises

One personal evaluation of your notes by the instructor

Prizes for the 2 most active students that include free access to selected Interpretrain programs and tools.

When: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) from January 15th 

Fee: $229

Location: The course is offered online using an easy and convenient interface that allows for live and personal instruction between the instructor and a group of  students. After the course is completed, students have access to the recorded version to review and continue their training.

Course Goals:

  • Take more efficient notes.

  • Apply note-taking symbols automatically.

  • Improve listening skills and memorization when interpreting consecutively. 


  • The workshop is taught completely in English.

  • The practical elements are drilled through exercises, dictations, and competitive games.