Court Interpreter Training: Multilingual Glossaries by Sacramento Court

Preparing for a court interpreter certification exam? Expand your knowledge with Sacramento County Superior Court's fantastic glossary resources, available in a variety of language combinations! Dive into terms in:

🔹 English/Arabic 
🔹 English/Armenian (Western)
🔹 English/Hindi
🔹 English/Mien
🔹 English/Mong 
🔹 English/Punjabi
🔹 English/Romanian
🔹 English/Russian
🔹 English/Spanish
🔹 English/Urdu Legal
🔹 English/Vietnamese

*In some lists you will need to scroll down the PDF to find your desired language combinations.

View Glossaries HERE

If you are interested in practicing for an upcoming oral exam program, we encourage you to explore our training programs.