Preparing for a court interpreting oral exam? We can help.

Our English and Spanish Court Interpreter Oral Certification Training Program uses state-of-the-art technology and proven principles of cognitive psychology to help you methodically prepare for the exam, so you can reach your goals with confidence and ease. 

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With this program you will significantly increase your chances of passing the court interpreter oral exam by learning:

· High-register court vocabulary

· High-speed simultaneous interpreting

· Consecutive interpreting for long chunks of speech

· Enhanced reading comprehension for smooth sight translations

Interpreter Training Program

Interpretrain's 3-Step Method™ and Why It Will Work for You

Master the Vocabulary

How to Become a Court Interpreter
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Interpret and Voice Record

Get a Grade

become a court interpreter

Guided Training

Our instructions will guide you through the program, letting you know exactly how to get the most out of each interpreting lab. It's like having a personal trainer!

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More About the Vocabulary

Every single target language was proofread by:

• Virginia Benmaman, PhD, Federally Certified Court Interpreter, and author of
Bilingual Dictionary of Criminal Justice Terms: English/Spanish.

• Gabriela Castellanos, PhD linguist, published author, and former contract interpreter for the US State Department

• Frances Hontoria, Federally Certified Court Interpreter with over two decades of
experience, and co-editor of Interpretrain's Note-Taking Manual


The exercises are a must-buy for anyone preparing for an interpreting exam

Athena Matilsky, Federally Certified Court Interpreter, trainer and administrator of the Facbebook Group, "Get Certified or Bust"

Outstanding resource for a student interpreter or anyone seeking to improve their interpreting skills.

Tony Valle. Certified Court & Medical Interpreter, Community Leader and AdminIstrator of the "Resource Page for Certified Court Interperters."

"In my 28 years of interpreting and test-taking, I had never come across a program that guided me every step of the way."

Jesus Rocha, Certified Court Interpreter, Community Leader and CEO of JR Interpreting.

Meet Your Instructor

Virginia Valencia

Virginia Valencia is a federally certified court interpreter and the lead trainer at Interpreterain.

The Road to Certification

Take Action. Train Smart. Be Prepared.

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