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  • Master court terminology. Practice with over 900 audio & visual vocabulary flashcards, which offer each term in a sentence as well as multiple target-language equivalents
  • Practice vocabulary with flashcard games. Challenge yourself with dynamic drills and quizzes
  • Study using a single device. Simplify your training by interpreting directly on our App, using our dual-channel play & record technology
  • Keep your interpretations in one place. Save and organize all your interpreting practices on our Interpreter Training Cloud
  • Objectively assess your performance. Evaluate your interpretation with our patent-pending testing-technology and get an actual numerical score
  • Track your progress. Generate and store your performance certificates on our Interpreter Training Cloud
  • Facilitate peer feedback. Email, text, or chat your interpreting practices or lesson codes to a study buddy who also has the App
  • Pick up where you left off. Eliminate the guesswork by bookmarking your practices to access them immediately during your next session
  • Program your study sessions and increase your commitment. Generate automated study reminders to improve your engagement
  • Learn from a pro. Play the teacher’s interpretations and compare them to your renditions
  • Study even without an internet connection. Download our training practices for offline use