Court Interpreter Training

Court Interpreter Course

Check out this cool educational video (the first link at the bottom), which briefly explains how criminal court proceedings work.

To help you get the best out of this content, Interpretrain would like to offer you two complimentary court vocabulary drills that contain the court terms mentioned in the video.

One set of drills (the second link) presents the definition of each term in English (because comprehension is the first step of a faithful interpretation).

The other set of drills (the third link) offers at least one Spanish equivalent for each term (we made sure to include as many accurate options as possible, because synonyms are an interpreter’s best friend).

For those of you who are up to a challenge, we invite you to: 

1) Simultaneously interpret the video as you voice record your interpretation.

2) Listen to your recording while going through the bilingual drills (the terms appear in the flashcards in the same sequence as they are mentioned in the video).

3) Pause your audio recording to take note of your mistakes, if you spot any.

We hope you enjoy these materials!……