Free Interpreter Oral Exam Practice: Numbers Drills

Preparing for an interpreter oral exam? Beware of numbers, which commonly pose a challenge to many examinees.
Create your own lessons with the Interpreter Practice Generator and drill numbers in over 8 different languages to avoid this typical common oral exam mistake. 

1) Download Interpretrain’s Interpreter Practice Generator App on either the

Apple App Store


Google Play Store 

2) Open an audio recorder on an alternate computing device (Ex: Audacity, QuickTime Player, or Windows Media Player) and attach mic enabled headphones

3) Put on mic enabled headphones

4) On the Mobile App select your numbers range, speed and source language settings

5) Click play. Then listen and record the target language into your mic enabled headset

6) Play back your recording and compare it to the transcript on the App

7) If all correct, adjust settings to create a more challenging practice

8) If mistakes, repeat the same practice until you get 100% correct.