Consecutive Interpretation Bootcamp

Court Interpreter Training

Many interpreters are unable to pass the consecutive portion of the oral exam because they cannot render the long chunks of speech that appear on the test.

Simply put:

  • They don’t have a note-taking system that allows them to keep up with the speaker
  • Their improvised notes distract them from listening
  • What they jot down doesn’t help them recall the original speech

The good news is that you can learn a simple system to automatically take notes more clearly and efficiently.

Interpretrain’s 6-hour live online course will help you: 

  • Master note-taking symbols and techniques to streamline your notes
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Boost your memory retention
  • Increase your accuracy in the consecutive mode

The class is taught through Zoom, a video-conference platform that allows you to interact with the instructor and classmates in real time.

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I practiced and learned Virginia’s note-taking system as I was getting ready to take the FCICE. I spent about 4 months on it on a daily basis and I can honestly say it made a huge difference, not only for the FCICE itself but throughout time as I was able to economize time, focus on some concepts/notes, etc for consecutive interpretation. Highly recommend it to all.

Gonzalo, New Jersey

I am a nationally-certified medical interpreter and teach interpretation in a university program. I wish I had investigated these Interpretrain materials much sooner, because this is an excellent method for teaching note-taking for consecutive interpretation. 

Vickey P.

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Your Instructor

Virginia Valencia is a professional psychologist (2001) and a federally certified court interpreter (2008) with over 15 years’ professional experience in the fields of legal, medical, and conference interpretation. She holds a Combined Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies (Hunter College, 2004) and is certified/approved by Superior Courts of NJ (2005), NY (2006), and CA (2012).

In 2007, Virginia founded her educational company, Interpretrain (, which offers game-driven workshops and user-friendly multi-media study tools for interpreters to further improve their professional skills.


Court Interpreter Course

This live and interactive program will include:

  • A PDF version of Interpretrain's Note-Taking Manual

  • 4 online sessions, each one lasting 1.5 hours

  • Video recordings of all 4 sessions 

  • 76 Audio Training Exercises

  • One personal evaluation of your notes by the instructor

  • Prizes for the 2 most active students: free access to select training programs and tools

When: Thursdays, 5:30-7pm (Pacific Standard Time) from April 2nd to April 23rd. 

Fee: $229 (24 Student Limit)

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  • The workshop is taught completely in English.

  • The practical elements are drilled through exercises, dictations, and competitive games.

See the Techniques in Action: