Court Interpreter Ethics Training

Court Interpreter Ethics Course

Duration: Approximately 6-hours of training.

Modality: Online and on-demand. Train at your convenience.

Language: English and Spanish

Registration Fee: $99

Course Overview:  The stakes in court are extremely high. Many crucial factors are on the line for the parties involved, such as justice, freedom, finances, and family relationships. That’s why court interpreter ethics and protocol training is a vital part of every legal interpreter’s career.

Whether we hear our colleague make a significant mistake while team interpreting, a witness using a slang term that has no direct English equivalent, or an objection interrupts crucial witness testimony, knowing how to deal with tricky case scenarios can help us avoid costly mistakes.

This court interpreter ethics course will help you develop:

  • A keen understanding of the professional standards that court interpreters must live up to
  • Analytical skills to determine practical solutions to ethical quandaries that a court interpreter will commonly encounter
  • Simple approaches to calmly yet assertively handle various dilemmas that are likely to come up in your legal interpreting career

The legal interperter ethics course is composed of four sections. Each section contains slides and/or video clips, followed by questions to test your knowledge about the subjects covered.

The first section:

* Presents NAJIT's Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities

* Offers a series of videos depicting several court-case scenarios in which a court interpreter behaves ethically or unethically

The second section offers strategies for court interpreters to properly handle attorney objections to witness testimony.

The third section presents seven simple tips for court interpreters to “bring their A game” and behave professionally when serving in legal cases.

The fourth and final section focuses on the use of interpreting equipment.