Federal Oral Exam Master Class

Offered by Interpretrain and Athena Sky Interpreting.

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Prepare. Train. Succeed.

The federal oral exam is incredibly challenging, and only about 6% of candidates actually pass it.

The good news is, you CAN be a part of that 6%.  

This spring, join us to train for the exam the right way.

Federal Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program.

Expert Instructors

Study Pods

Court Interpreter Certification Program to help pass the oral exam.
Interpreter Training Program

A Proven Learning Approach

Mental Wellness

Become a certified court interpreter

Guidance. Structure. Accountability.

Our structured online classroom will provide you all the tools you need to get ready for this exam!

This master class will guide you through a day-by-day Lesson Plan with a detailed schedule for your homework and “study pod” activities.

You’ll have two instructors to hold you accountable and make sure you keep progressing!

We will:

· Begin with a two-week intensive immersion in note-taking skills (a big portion of the test and an area where interpreters tend to struggle the most)

· Systematically work our way through Interpretrain’s Federal Oral Exam Training Program (55 study labs adapted from real courtroom proceedings)

· Practice with terminology drills (audio exercises, quizzes, and games) to master highly specialized court vocabulary

·  Interpret the same practice at slower, then faster speeds (up to 160 words per minute), to progressively increase your pace in the Simultaneous Mode

·  Gradually tackle longer chunks of speech in the Consecutive Mode, until being able to accurately render 65-word chunks

·  Sight translate real court documents (from the U.S and from jurisdictions around the world where Spanish is spoken) while learning the most effective method to markedly increase your accuracy in this mode

·  Meet with advanced ES-EN interpreters, giving each other feedback in class and in smaller group study sessions

·  Facilitate detailed self-evaluations of each practice, providing you a numerical score

·  Cover vital test-taking tips and holistic methods to manage your stress, so you can shine under the most difficult test conditions

·  End the program with an intensive week (four sessions) of reviews and a mock exam to get you in tip-top shape for the test

·  Issue you a completion certificate

Commonly Asked Questions

Meet Your Instructors

Athena Matilsky

Virginia Valencia

Virginia Valencia is a federally certified court interpreter and the lead trainer at Interpreterain.

To determine if you qualify for this master class, we first need to review your application. If approved, a link to register will be emailed to you.

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