Work in Immigration Court


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In partnership with SOSI, Interpretrain is actively screening interpreters to work in immigration court.

To qualify for a phone interview, the main requirement is at least 1-year interpreting experience in a legal setting, such as (but not limited to):




Workers' Compensation Hearings

Legal Consultations

Arbitration Hearings

Judicial Proceedings

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

Legal Conferences

Attorney-Client Meetings


Pre-Sentence Interviews

Correctional Facility Visits

Driver's License Exams

Social Services Appointments

Probation Hearings

If you have the required experience, please submit your resume to, along with your mailing address.

Once Interpretrain approves your resume, we'll mail you a COMPLIMENTARY copy of our,  'Note-Taking Manual: A Study Guide for Interpreters and Everyone Who Takes Notes'

If your resume meets SOSI's criteria, one of their representatives will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

Have any questions? Feel free to call us at 917-887-6741 

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