Interpreter Performance Assessment (IPA)

Interpreter Test

Every year, countless people fail the court interpreter oral exam. These people practiced. These people studied. These people prepared, often for months.

So why did they fail? The answer is simple: they never got an objective assessment of their particular strengths and weaknesses. Lacking a training plan specifically tailored to their unique needs, these candidates continued reinforcing the same old bad habits during their study sessions.

Thankfully, you won’t have that problem.

Interpretrain’s Interpreter Performance Assessment (IPA) is your key to identifying your personal aptitudes and blind spots.

Our detailed evaluations assess your:

  • English/Spanish court vocabulary
  • Consecutive skills, including your notes
  • Simultaneous skills
  • Sight Translation skills

After our online evaluation, you receive:

  • A numerical score that reflects your knowledge of legal bilingual vocabulary
  • A breakdown of each vocabulary unit you got right and wrong
  • A detailed inventory of your strengths and the areas that need improvement
  • A personalized success plan designed to significantly increase your chances of passing the exam

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Record your interpretation(s)
STEP 2: Upload your notes and/or audio recording(s) to our platform
STEP 3: Videoconference with our lead instructor, Virginia Valencia, to receive your personalized feedback and success plan

Take Interpretrain’s IPA today and create the conditions you need to pass the court interpreter oral exam once and for all.