Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program

Want to become a certified court interpreter, but your language combination doesn't include Spanish? No problem. We can help.

Our language-neutral program allows you to interpret from English into the language of your choosing.


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You'll significantly increase your chances of passing the court interpreter oral exam by learning:

* High-register court vocabulary

* High-speed simultaneous interpreting

* Consecutive interpreting for long chunks of speech

* Enhanced reading comprehension for smooth sight translations

We combine proven principles of psychology with state-of-the-art educational technology to help you approach the exam with confidence and ease.

Our 45 labs include practices based on real-life court proceedings (family, civil, and criminal cases) that have been cherry-picked to empower you to ace your exam. 

Our 3-Step Method™ and How It Will Help You

Passing an interpreter's certification oral exam requires you to perform several complex mental tasks very quickly, with a high degree of accuracy, and all at the same time. Our method helps you conquer each task separately, then trains you to successfully execute them all at once. When it comes to exam time, you will be ready to handle whatever is thrown your way.


How to Become a Court Interpreter

Learn the Legal Vocabulary

Master the court terminology upfront to build a solid foundation. 

become a court interpreter

Interpret and Voice Record

Interpret at different speeds to challenge yourself progressively.

become a court interpreter

Grade Your Performance

Get a grade and a detailed evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Interpretrain's Mobile App

Objectively Assess Your Performance

Evaluate your interpretation with our patent-pending testing-technology and get an actual grade

Listen and Record on the App

Simplify your training by listening to the practice and interpreting directly on the App, using our dual-channel play & record technology

Keep Your Practices in One Place

Save and organize all your interpreting practices on our Interpreter Training Cloud

Track Your Progress

Generate and store your performance certificates on our Interpreter Training Cloud

Chat With Students in the Program

Email, text, or chat your interpreting practices or lesson codes to a study buddy who also has the App

Pick Up Where You Left

Eliminate the guesswork by bookmarking your practices to access them immediately during your next session

Schedule Reminders to Increase Commitment

Generate automated study reminders to improve your engagement

Study Without an Internet Connection

Download our training practices for offline use

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About Your Instructor


The exercises are a must-buy for anyone preparing for an interpreting exam

Athena Matilsky, Federally Certified Court Interpreter, trainer and administrator of the Facbebook Group, "Get Certified or Bust"

Outstanding resource for a student interpreter or anyone seeking to improve their interpreting skills.

Tony Valle. Certified Court & Medical Interpreter, Community Leader and AdminIstrator of the "Resource Page for Certified Court Interperters."

"In my 28 years of interpreting and test-taking, I had never come across a program that guided me every step of the way."

Jesus Rocha, Certified Court Interpreter, Community Leader and CEO of JR Interpreting.

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Become a Court Interpreter

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