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Introduction to Legal Interpreting Training Program

Gain the necessary skills and confidence to start accepting work as a legal interpreter

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Commit. Practice. Succeed.

If you speak English and Spanish fluently, you are a prime candidate to join the exciting and high-demand field of legal interpretation.

Once you complete this interpreter training program, you will have the necessary skills and credentials to apply to interpreting agencies nationwide, covering assignments such as community meetings, educational events, mediations, among many others.  

By completing this program you will also be ready to take our State Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program in preparation for your certification test, which (if you pass) will allow you to work in state court.

With our interpreter training program you will:

Learn the fundamental concepts of language interpretation

Develop your interpreting skills

Acquire bilingual legal vocabulary

Get started on your path to become a certified interpreter

Train with Confidence

We combine proven principles of cognitive psychology with state-of-the-art interpreter training technology to help you practice with confidence and ease.

Our 37 labs include practices based on real-life legal proceedings that have been cherry-picked to prepare you to start accepting interpreting assignments.

How EACH COURT interpreter training lab WORKS

become a court interpreter


Memorize English/Spanish court terminology through:

• Audio Drills

• Slide Shows

• Games/Quizzes

• Target Practices (to focus on the terms you select)

Don’t have the time to study vocabulary? Our Audio Drills can be used on the go. Whether you’re exercising, doing chores, or on public transportation, you’ll be able to memorize the necessary bilingual legal terminology.

become a court interpreter


· Interpret the same practice at slower, then faster speeds (up to 120 words per minute), to progressively increase your pace in the Simultaneous Mode

· Gradually tackle longer chunks of speech in the Consecutive Mode, until being able to accurately render 25-word chunks

· Sight translate real court documents (from the U.S and from jurisdictions around the world where Spanish is spoken) while learning the most effective method to markedly increase your accuracy in this mode

become a court interpreter


Seamlessly assess your improvement with our patent-pending grading technology. This immediate feedback helps you learn faster and takes the guesswork out of your training by letting you know:

·   Which vocabulary needs further practice

·   When you are ready to move on to the next lab

With your strengths and weaknesses highlighted, you’ll know exactly what you need to review in order to achieve your best score. This invaluable feature is not offered by any other self-study interpreting program.

Guided Training

Our instructions will guide you through the program, letting you know exactly how to get the most out of each interpreting lab. It's like having a personal trainer!

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If you have any questions about your path to become a legal interpreter, please contact us. Our goal is to make sure you understand exactly what is required for you to excel in this rewarding career.

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